Singapore (2008-2009)

Client: Urban Redevelopment Authority

The marina in Singapore

PPS conducted a training program for staff of the Urban Redevelopment Authority to help them create a vision and long term development strategy for the downtown core. The training focused on Placemaking techniques using Marina Bay, Singapore River, Civic District, and BrasBasah Bugis in the city centre as evaluation sites. Marina Bay, the new waterfront promenade, is an exciting and ambitious project that will support Singapore’s growth as a global business and financial hub, set to be completed in November 2009. PPS offered suggestions for the proposed plan, and used this site as a starting point for what we call the “Power of Ten.”

The Power of Ten exercise was applied to the city centre by selecting 10 destinations with the biggest opportunities for significant improvements over a short time. PPS contends that a great place needs to have at least 10 things to do in it or 10 reasons to be there, a great district should have to 10 great places, and a great city needs at least 10 great districts or destinations.

After understanding and experiencing this exercise, other agencies in Singapore have become interested in this idea and a distinct opportunity has emerged to create a broad partnership around this new agenda. The URA is also a member of the Place Leaders Association of Australia, where other members around the world are evaluating the role of Placemaking in helping to transform cities throughout different regions.

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