COVID-19: The Recovery will Happen in Public Space
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Kerr Park
On-site Place Game evaluation

At the center of downtown Oklahoma City, Kerr Park is a freshly renovated public space with the potential and ambition to become the city’s shared living room. With support from the Southwest Airlines Heart of the Community grant, Downtown OKC, Inc. (DOKC) and partners hope to attract not only local office workers and visitors to Kerr Park, but also the area’s growing residential community for whom the downtown has only recently become a place to call home. Located at the epicenter of a vibrant dining, arts, and entertainment scene, the park will soon become a placemaking trailblazer and a model for how other spaces in the city can reflect the energy, creativity, and dynamism of today’s Oklahoma City.

The project is well underway with design and programming ideas in development. These were the result of successful, dynamic community engagement process, which included workshops, a happy hour party, online surveys, meetings and focus groups with local artists, makers, officials and business owners.

Stay tuned for new exciting improvements coming to Kerr Park this Spring!

“We were waiting for the perfect space and the perfect time. This met all the criteria. It’s not an area where we will have to use a lot of the money to rebuild or replace things in disrepair. It’s in great shape, so we can make a huge impact with the grant money to make very visible changes.”

–Jill DeLozier, Vice President at Downtown Oklahoma City Inc.

Project Client: 
Southwest Airlines
Kerr Park
Existing conditions at Kerr Park
Kerr Park
Placemaking workshop
Kerr Park
Team Brainstorming
Kerr Park
Workshop Poster
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COVID-19: The Recovery will Happen in Public Space