Market Cities
Imagine a world
where everyone has
the opportunity to
shape public spaces.
Imagine a world where everyone has the opportunity to shape public spaces.

Successful public markets help build communities rooted in well-being and equitable opportunity. The Market Cities Program strengthens the regional systems behind the market stalls, connecting and supporting a diverse set of stakeholders through research, specialized training, and a network of peers.

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Market Cities Network
The Market Cities Network is the first international forum for markets of all kinds and the people committed to their success. This initiative brings together market operators, NGOs, funders, researchers, and more to create stronger and more resilient communities.
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How to Create Successful Markets
In this training course, participants learn the essentials for creating and maintaining a thriving public market that is economically sustainable, maximizes community benefits, and welcoming to a broad diversity of people.
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International Public Markets Conference
Since 1987, Project for Public Spaces has hosted 10 editions of the International Public Markets Conference, drawing together an international group of 400 leaders from all kinds of markets as well as strategic partners in the fields of public health, community development, food systems, and public policy.
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Technical Assistance
With over three decades of experience, our team revitalizes and plans new markets through design and management plans, feasibility analysis, and customized training, and produces citywide and regional public market strategies.
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Resource Library
The Market Cities Program curates this wide-ranging hub for research related to public markets, covering topics from developing a market network to resilience planning and infrastructure to diversifying access to economic opportunity.
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SDG Alignment
Our goals align with several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Program contributes to global public health, livelihoods, and equity outcomes.
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