Imagine a world
where everyone has
the opportunity to
shape public spaces.

In many American cities, not only are public spaces inequitably distributed and poorly maintained—but the people in the communities with the least access also rarely have the opportunity to shape public spaces themselves.

Project for Public Spaces’ Community Placemaking Grants enable US-based nonprofits and government agencies to address this inequality of access by working directly with local stakeholders to transform underperforming public spaces or co-create new ones. We do this by providing direct funding, as well as technical assistance and capacity building facilitated by Project for Public Spaces.

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Project for Public Spaces is actively seeking philanthropic contributions from companies, foundations, and private individuals for the next round of Community Placemaking Grants.
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Open Call for Grant Applications
In 2021-2022, we’re partnering with General Motors (GM) to bring community-driven transformation to three public spaces in communities where GM employees live and work.

Each grantee will receive $40,000 in direct funding for physical and programmatic improvements, as well as technical assistance and capacity building from Project for Public Spaces. During this grant cycle, we are seeking local partners in Buffalo, New York; Kansas City, Kansas; and Nashville, Tennessee.

Applications closed on December 1, 2021. Applicants, please stay tuned.

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Eligibility & Selection Criteria
Our inaugural Community Placemaking Grants application, in partnership with General Motors, is open to public spaces in Buffalo, New York; Kansas City, Kansas; and Nashville, Tennessee. We are looking for community partners that meet the following criteria:
  • The community that will benefit from the project includes people who have historically been marginalized in public space on the basis of income, race, housing tenure, immigration status, gender, sexuality, age, or ability.
  • The site is easily accessible to the public and under the control of the applicant, or the applicant can demonstrate support from the public agencies or other organizations that control the site. The site also serves neighborhoods that lack access to public spaces, or have demonstrably experienced disinvestment in their existing public spaces.
  • The local partner is well positioned for community outreach and has proven capacity for implementation (installation, management, and operations) as well as programming, activities, and events.
  • The project, including both programmatic and physical improvements, can be implemented quickly and affordably while contributing to long-term community goals.
Unsure if you meet these criteria? Please contact us with any questions. We are always open to finding creative strategies and partnerships for impact.
The Placemaking Process
These projects will follow a “placemaking” approach that emphasizes community engagement early and often. In short, placemaking is a collaborative public space visioning process, which results in places that better serve their communities through programming, design, and stewardship. 

Learn more about our process:
Support Placemaking in Your Community
Project for Public Spaces is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that actively seeks philanthropic contributions to support our work, including this new flagship initiative. 

Past and current partners include companies like Southwest Airlines and Claritin, foundations like the W. K. Kellogg Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and private individuals.

To learn more about how you can support Community Placemaking Grants with a philanthropic contribution, please contact our Deputy Executive Director Nate Storring at

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