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Mount Sequoyah Center

"Mount Sequoyah is thrilled to increase community access to our campus and make it even more exciting, welcoming, and accessible to all."

Emily Gentry, Mount Sequoyah Center


Across from the Mount Sequoyah Retreat Center, there’s a peaceful vantage point that, until 2020, was only home to a few parking spots. When the Center added seating and some greenery, this spot revealed its potential as a gathering point for people to gather with friends or simply enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Today, Mount Sequoyah's campus is home to subsidized studio space for over 50 artists, multiple exhibition and performance venues, and many arts organizations and nonprofits. Mount Sequoyah also hosts children's camp programs, swim programs, and annual music performance series. While the Center originated as a religious entity, it has been operating as an independent nonprofit since 2016. Still, many in the community are not aware that the public is welcome to enjoy the retreat center and surrounding grounds.

Thanks to a Community Placemaking Grant, the team at Project for Public Spaces will help connect The Overlook with the rest of Mount Sequoyah’s grounds by improving pedestrian safety and experience. As the Mount Sequoyah Center celebrates 100 years of activity, we’ll work together to make the space more welcoming and easier to activate with public programming.

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