Imagine a world
where everyone has
the opportunity to
shape public spaces.

We believe that everyone has a right to participate in the improvement of the public spaces they use everyday and to benefit from those improvements. 

Building upon Project for Public Spaces’ forty-year history, our Placemaking program works to make this core belief a reality through partnerships, education, events, research, and technical assistance.

Partner with Us
We partner with corporations and foundations that see public space and placemaking as a key way to achieve impact. We help design and administer grants selection processes, provide capacity building to local grantees, and help implement on-the-ground placemaking projects that reflect the goals of the sponsor, the grantee, and their community.
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The Bass Center for Transformative Placemaking
As founding partners of the Bass Center for Transformative Placemaking at the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Center, we conduct and disseminate research on how placemaking practitioners and decision-makers can broaden the economic and social benefits of public space.
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Placemaking Week
We organize the biannual International Placemaking Week conference, which brings together over 400 placemaking practitioners to learn, network, experience real public spaces, and leave a lasting placemaking legacy in the host city.
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Placemaking: Making It Happen
Our Placemaking: Making It Happen training provides an introduction to observing public space, working with communities to create visions for placemaking improvements, and implementing those visions through design, programming, and management.
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Training & Technical Assistance
We work with like-minded clients in the public, civic, and private sectors to create well-used and well-loved places in public space. Our placemaking process includes extensive community engagement and visioning, site plans and designs, programming and management plans, and implementation through lighter, quicker, cheaper experiments.
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