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City of Pea Ridge

"Improving Pea Ridge City Park provides an opportunity to create a diverse gathering place that better meets the needs of our growing community."

—Jessica Grady, City of Pea Ridge

Pea Ridge

The 12-acre Pea Ridge City Park is one of the only municipal parks in Pea Ridge, a city of 6,500 people. Featuring a playground and splash pad, event pavilion, public restrooms, and sports facilities, the park is a destination for athletic and community events. Yet this key public space has even more potential to invite a wider range of ages and abilities.

Together with the City of Pea Ridge, Project for Public Spaces will lead community engagement sessions to discover how this public space can better serve more people. We’ll explore ways of bringing in visitors who are currently left out, including younger kids, teens, and older adults. Some early ideas for improvements include more diversified programming, new gathering spaces, and movement opportunities for all abilities. With the support of a Community Placemaking Grant, Pea Ridge City Park can become a welcoming public space promoting inclusion and health-promoting social interactions.

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