Community Placemaking Grants

Does this space have to be outside?

Yes, the space must be outdoors, free, and open to the public. Public spaces that qualify include parks, plazas, waterfronts, museum grounds, streets, empty lots, the outdoor areas around a library, farmers markets, and more. Not sure if your space qualifies? Contact us at

How many grantees are selected for this round?

Three recipients will be selected for the spring 2023 round of Community Placemaking Grants.

We already have a full design and are looking for implementation funds. Are we a good fit for this grant?

No. This grant includes technical assistance from Project for Public Spaces to facilitate a participatory community process to identify design and programming improvements for the space.

Can a nonprofit apply to make improvements on publicly owned land?

Yes, as long as the nonprofit has an agreement with the public agency that allows them to do so.

I'm an artist. Can I apply for this grant?

Yes, as long as you are affiliated with a local nonprofit organization or public agency that can accept the grant on your behalf and assist with administration and implementation.

Does this project have to be permanent?

Not necessarily, however 65% of the grant must support physical improvements or amenities in the space, and any temporary improvements should have a lasting impact on the community.

For example, a seasonal activation could be used to build support or test ideas for a long-term improvement. We generally expect grantees to have the capacity to maintain (or update!) the improvements for three years.

Can you provide examples of how previous grantees have improved a public space?

Yes! While the first three rounds of Community Placemaking Grants are still ongoing, Project for Public Spaces has several inspiring examples from previous social impact grant programs we’ve overseen.

See, for example, the 2020 grantees from The Clarity Parks Project, which focused on recovery from natural disasters, or the William Davidson Foundation’s Southeast Michigan Placemaking Pilot Initiative, which supported placemaking by neighborhood-based, mission-driven organizations in the Detroit area. We also have 10 case studies from our six-year partnership with Southwest Airlines on the Heart of the Community grants program, which facilitated placemaking in downtown public spaces.

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