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SNAP/EBT at Your Farmers Market: Seven Steps to Success

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Creating a successful Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) redemption program at your farmers market requires more than the necessary terminals, tokens, and signage. It’s about creating a strong infrastructure for the program;; developing a sustainable funding strategy; understanding and meeting the needs of a diverse customer base; and creating community partnerships to extend the reach of the program through marketing, promotions, and incentives.

This handbook, produced in partnership with Wholesome Wave, addresses the steps needed to set up SNAP, and is designed to provide a comprehensive description of the elements necessary to make it successful. In addition, this handbook includes case studies of farmers markets from across the US representing a variety of locations and experiences—rural and urban, big and small, new and established—to provide examples of how to creatively and successfully operate a SNAP project. Finally, this handbook provides additional resources, such as record-keeping templates, a sample customer survey, and links to organizational resources and other SNAP/EBT guides, to help you launch a successful SNAP project at your farmers market.

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