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Travis Park

Travis Park

San Antonio

Southwest Airlines and PPS worked with the City of San Antonio’s Center City Development & Operations Department to activate historic Travis Park, located in the heart of downtown San Antonio. Based on feedback received during a series of public Placemaking workshops, Travis Park will now attract local residents and employees through new physical amenities, including games, umbrellas, movable tables and chairs, and ongoing public programming, such as fitness classes, historic tours, live music, free movies and game tournaments.

These Placemaking efforts have sparked a number of additional improvement projects to enhance the park experience at Travis Park and supported the City of San Antonio’s broader efforts to strengthen its downtown.

“The revitalization of Travis Park will make the urban core more attractive for locals and tourists alike... By engaging both the public and private sectors, we are creating a vibrant community hub in the heart of downtown.”
– Julián Castro, former Mayor of San Antonio, current U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Project Client: 
Southwest Airlines
Travis Park
Travis Park
Travis Park
Travis Park
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