San Bruno, San Mateo County, CA (2001-2004)

Client: San Mateo County Economic Development Association (Samceda)-Peninsula Policy Partnership (P3); San Mateo County Transit District; The County of San Mateo

The construction of a new grade separated station, and the relocation of train service to the center of San Bruno at the junction of three county roads, created a unique situation and numerous opportunities for introducing a station building to the town center that would serve as an anchor in and gateway to the downtown, redesigning the roads surrounding the new station to better facilitate safe pedestrian circulation and bicycle access from the east side of the tracks to the west. With roads that support mobility but provide plenty of space for pedestrians, street trees, and on street parking, new development — especially mixed use multi story development — could be attracted to the town center.

PPS worked with Korve engineers on the development and evaluation of a number of alternative roadway configurations for Huntington, San Mateo and San Bruno Avenues, striving to reduce roadway widths at intersections and turning movements where practicable. PPS worked with Samtrans/Caltrain engineers to design a grade separation that would serve to unite rather than divide San Bruno in half, through the creation of a broad station plaza and wide pedestrian promenades under the tracks. PPS helped the San Bruno Citizens Advisory Committee to understand the opportunities the new station facility can offer to the town and to incorporate their suggestions for minimizing the impact of the track walls into the engineering process.

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