2018: A Year of Transformation and Growth
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Riverbank Park

Riverbank Park


PPS worked with the Redbank, New Jersey community to create a vision and conceptual plan for Redbank's Riverbank Park. Located in a prominent location in the downtown area directly on the Navesink River, the park was a simple grassy lawn that was used for some large local events. However, there were many issues that kept it from being an important public space for daily use in Redbank. These issues ranged from the trees and underbrush that blocked the view of the bay, to the steep slope that prevented physical access to the water. Also, there were no amenities in the park.

The PPS process resulted in a plan that was community based and supported. Today, the completed park, in keeping with the plan, contains an open lawn for events and other uses including a display garden, a food kiosk and restroom building, as well as a pedestrian walkway through the park to the bay and along the waterfront.

Project Client: 
Redbank River Center
Riverbank Park
Riverbank Park
Riverbank Park
Riverbank Park
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2018: A Year of Transformation and Growth