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Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Community generated concept plan and Power of Ten diagram.

Placemaking at Destination Bayfront

Corpus Christi


“Destination Bayfront,” a 27-acre area along Corpus Christi’s waterfront, is currently underutilized due to the lack of activities and amenities that would make the site comfortable and interesting to use. The recent demolition of the Memorial Coliseum and the approved realignment of the northbound lanes of Shoreline Boulevard offer a unique opportunity to create a world class destination for both residents and tourists and to leverage significant investment and economic benefits for the City. To help activate the site and integrate the road realignment, the grassroots group Destination Bayfront asked PPS to assist them in developing a community generated concept plan and program for the site to address the special role that the site could play as a destination in Corpus Christi’s Downtown.


In July 2010, PPS conducted stakeholder interviews, focus groups, public meetings, and stakeholder workshops in order to clarify major issues and opportunities, both in terms of the design and the management and programming for the site. Over 500 people participated in the interviews, focus groups, meetings, and workshops. The information collected provided the core of the concept for the site. A series of three squares will be the driving force of the concept, including a beach and park area, a promenade, a pier, a water recreation and education area, a modern day “pleasure garden,” a veteran’s park, flexible event spaces, and the realignment of a major boulevard.


In 2010 and 2011, the Corpus Christi City Council voted to find funding and a design team for Destination Bayfront. A measure to approve funding for the project was on the ballot in Corpus Christi during the 2013 election cycle, but did not pass.

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Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Over 500 people attended the community meeting facilitated by PPS.
Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
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