Stillwater, OK (2009)

Client: Oklahoma State University Student Union

In 2009, PPS joined PSA Dewberry and Workshop Architects, along with the Student Union Design Team, to seamlessly integrate the plaza programming and design into the Student Union Building redesign. The redesign was geared to turn the plaza into a place to see and be seen on Campus, as well as a central gathering spot for university students, faculty and administration.

Supporting the economic activity that occurs in the Student Union building was quickly identified as a key goal of the project. Three main areas were proposed for the Student Union Plaza – the Upper Terrace; the Middle Plaza with the Stairs, Bookstore and Main Entrance; and the Lower Plaza. In each of these areas, PPS’ recommendations emphasized a strong physical and visual connection between the activity inside the building at the ground level and outside in the plaza. This visibility is important to the success of the bookstore and dining functions as major economic anchors for the building.

Another feature that guided the redesign process was the ability for the space to be flexible, providing usable space for day and evening use as well as a dynamic capacity to cater to changing seasons, special University events, football games and holidays. PPS recommended various design features such as a garden terrace, an information kiosk to assist visitors and promote events, a seasonal volleyball court/ice rink/winter market, and a dynamic concert space with movable seating.

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