Ogden, UT (2001)

Client: U.S. General Services Administration

Working as a consultant for GSA’s Urban Development/Good Neighbor Program, PPS helped to generate recommendations and implementation strategies for public spaces around a new IRS Call Center located in a historic warehouse building in downtown Ogden. The building is in a transitional area where the city hopes to spur development and encourage foot traffic; thus the goals were to activate the edge of the IRS property and the surrounding neighborhood.

PPS developed recommendations to create connections between the IRS site and an adjacent intermodal (bus/rail) transit stop completed in 2002, and to encourage use of transit by IRS employees. PPS also worked to convince the IRS to move its food service out of the IRS building, so that patrons would not be subject to a security check, thereby opening up the service to a wide variety of patrons, including local workers and baseball fans from the nearby minor-league stadium.

As a result of PPS’ efforts, GSA is working with the city and state DOTs to improve pedestrian safety and comfort on surrounding streets; creating small “amenity areas” at corners of the IRS site; and developing partnerships to establish art exhibits and concerts at the food service, dubbed the Junction City Cafe, helping to create another community attraction downtown.

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