Arlington Heights, IL (2006-2007)

Client: Northwest Community Hospital

Project for Public Spaces (PPS) worked with Northwest Community Hospital (NCH) on the East Campus Public Space Renaissance project, which included a new patient care addition, visitor’s entrance, and a parking deck.

Northwest Community Hospital is a leader in the hospital industry, not only because of its excellence in providing quality care for its customers, but for being a pioneer in how a hospital sees itself and how it functions as a community asset. The hospital’s vision — to redefine “community hospital” through the innovative use of world-class technology, clinical expertise and compassion — provides a framework for the hospital to achieve excellence not only by physical health standards but by standards that measure quality of life both in the hospital and in the community.

PPS assisted the hospital in exploring how their public spaces can help further their vision. The following indicate some of the innovations that are being discussed:

  • viewing the hospital’s public areas (both inside and outside) as a series of “places” within a pedestrian oriented campus environment where people can just spend time, whether they work there, are visiting the hospital or are members of the community;
  • focusing on health and wellness, in addition to illness with community-related activities in addition to medical services;
  • creating a campus that is environmentally sustainable;
  • exploring innovative types of health related retail services (café, bookstore, bedside service); and,
  • creating a broader health district with the community around the hospital.

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