2018: A Year of Transformation and Growth
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Mulry Square Pedestrian Improvements

Mulry Square Pedestrian Improvements

New York

PPS worked in conjunction with the New York City Department of Transportation and the local community to improve and enhance a dangerous intersection in Greenwich Village by instituting and testing traffic calming improvements. Recommendations for traffic calming techniques, adding amenities and generally improving the surrounding area were developed through a community-based planning process which included workshops held in cooperation with the district Community Board and interviews, time lapse filming, documentary photography and on-site observations.

Recommendations included corner sidewalk extensions, reconfiguration of crosswalks and additional greening of the area, as well as improvements that could be instituted and evaluated in the short term, such as striping of new crosswalks and havens for pedestrians, bollards, planters, and changes in traffic light phasing. Short-term improvements were implemented and monitored, as part of a pilot demonstration and test program. Capital construction was completed in 2001. 

Project Client: 
New York Department of Transportation
Mulry Square Pedestrian Improvements
Mulry Square Pedestrian Improvements
Mulry Square Pedestrian Improvements
Mulry Square Pedestrian Improvements
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2018: A Year of Transformation and Growth