Montenegro (2006-2008)

Funding: Rockefeller Brother Fund

  • Placemaking training for community organizations and municipalities
  • Pilot projects
  • Partnership with UNDP

With the support of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, PPS conducted training programs and implemented pilot projects to extend the successes of Placemaking achieved in Serbia, Croatia, and Central Europe in general to Montenegro. As in these other countries, PPS initiated civic participation in public space planning in order to grow local expertise in revitalizing communities.

PPS was able to bring knowledge and raise awareness about the benefits of Placemaking on the local, municipal, and regional levels while also developing local capacity through hands-on training. Training programs were conducted in cooperation with a number of local NGO organizations, including the Fund for Active Citizenship Montenegro (FAKT); the Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives (CSTI); and the Foundation for Economic Development of Northern Montenegro (FORS). With support of FORS, funding was also provided to implement small pilot projects in two communities, Bijelo Polje and Nisic.

In addition, through a partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), PPS conducted a training program for municipal planners and architects involved with revamping the country’s planning system. This was followed by a major pilot planning project in the historic city of Cetinje, the country’s former capital.

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