Miami, Florida (2004 – 2005)

Clients: City of Miami, Florida Atlantic University, Walk Florida

The City of Miami is fortunate to have unimpeded and direct access to much of its waterfront. Large sections of the Bayfront promenade already exist or are currently being constructed, but key linkages are missing, and there are many gaps.

Some stretches of promenade exist, but there are many gaps...

The City invited Project for Public Spaces to work with the community on a planning effort that had two goals; first, to explore how best to create a continuous Bayfront promenade that will permanently connect the communities and destinations along the Biscayne Bayfront with each other and link up with the Miami River Greenway, and second, to identify opportunities for filling in missing sections of the promenade.

...such as this empty lot behind a sports arena.

PPS held a community Placemaking workshop that was attended by local citizens, public officials, design professionals, members of civic and cultural institutions, business owners and other stakeholders. Participants worked together to create a vision for a Baywalk promenade; not only for where it would take you and by what route, but also for the kinds of uses, activities, and amenities that could be programmed along it, to create the kind of excitement that is generated by the great pedestrian waterfront promenades of the world.

Based on the result of the workshop and observations, PPS developed a series of recommendations and opportunities, and potential partners and funders. A written report detailed recommendations for management programs, both short- and long-term physical improvements, and potential activities and program.

The goal of this effort is to create a Baywalk that will serve as a linear park and pathway, as well as a destination itself.

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