Los Angeles, California (1996-1998)

Client: Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative

The Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative (LANI) is an effort that evolved in the wake of the April 1992 riots to repair and rejuvenate the affected neighborhoods through a grass roots process that empowers these communities in bringing about improvement. In particular, PPS has aided in the conduct of community based planning initiatives that concentrate on areas near bus stops and rail stations (in an area where people are truly transit dependent), with the understanding that transit not only functions as a focal point for shopping, transit services and social activities, but as a catalyst for community revitalization. As part of this process, neighborhood groups have planted trees, painted and installed new streetlights, hung colorful banners, redesigned their streets to be more pedestrian friendly, revitalized vacant lots as parks and community gathering places, in partnership with city, state and county agencies.

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