The Key to Safe Streets: Five Cities Humanizing Street Design
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Logan Circle
Placemaking Vision

Logan Circle


As part of a plan for reconnecting communities along Philadelphia’s Vine Street Expressway, PPS worked with local institutions and community members to help Logan Circle fulfill its potential as one of the best public spaces in the world.

One of the most recognizable places in Philadelphia, Logan Circle is surrounded by some of Philadelphia’s greatest institutions: the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Franklin Institute, the Academy of Natural Sciences, and Moore College of Art. Its centerpiece, the Swann Fountain, is also one of the grandest fountains in the country. Yet with all this potential, the Circle and the fountain are currently cut-off to potential users by multiple lanes of fast moving traffic, and are surrounded by unused parkland.

Reaching out to the institutions and major stakeholders in Logan Circle, PPS created a plan calling for a series of fast, moderate cost changes that would showcase Logan Circle with its magnificent fountain, memorable vistas, and prominent neighbors. The plan focuses on fully utilizing already existing resources, such as the extraordinary number of visitors that come to the area each year, the existing public spaces, and the potential of the surrounding institutions to implement quick changes while making themselves more visible and prominent.

Read more about PPS’s Vine Street Expressway project.

Project Client: 
William Penn Foundation
Logan Circle
Logan Circle
Logan Circle
Logan Circle
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The Key to Safe Streets: Five Cities Humanizing Street Design