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Fazenda Paranoazinho, A Vision
Possible Destinations at Fazenda Paranoazinho

Fazenda Paranoazinho, A Vision



The challenge was to create placemaking guidelines for an upcoming neighborhood in the former farm known as Fazenda Paranoazinho adjacent to the highly auto-dependent city of Brasilia, a place where urban form has followed the needs of the automobile while ignoring the slower moving forms of transportation and the social benefits associated with it. The vision articulated by the clients aspires to take a place-led approach towards a more livable community that: “..begins as disconnected farmlands, inaccessible ravines, and fragmented communities along a highway. With a bold plan, the lands evolve into an integrated, connected collection of neighborhoods tied together by a flowing continuous park system.”


Gary Toth of Project for Public Spaces visited Brasilia and worked closely with a team of professionals to assist the Birmann family in the creation of a new community. The following five topics were identified for PPS input to the Urbanizadora Paranoazinho S.A. team for consideration in preparing its proposal to the Federal District: 

  • Overarching Placemaking input: While the “bones” of the urban form were established in September 2013, PPS had been asked to reflect on the urban concepts and offer observations about how the concepts might be tweaked to better position the development for Placemaking.
  •  Temporary development or activities -- PPS calls these Lighter Quicker Cheaper. 
  • Placemaking ideas for the Large urban park that frames the eastern edge of Fazenda Paranoazinho on the border with adjacent neighborhoods Sobradinho and Sobradinho 2. 
  • Planning strategy for smaller urban spaces interspersed throughout Fazenda Paranoazinho. 
  • Transportation input: Street Typology, Street Network, Biking philosophy and transit principles.


The expected outcomes are: 

  • A neighborhood planned and built around places that facilitate a sense of attachment and belonging amongst its residents. 
  • An exemplary/innovative approach to promoting slow moving traffic and active lifestyles. 
  • A transportation network that not only serves the buildings but shapes the urban fabric, and vice-versa.
Project Client: 
Urbanizadora Paranoazinho S.A.
Fazenda Paranoazinho, A Vision
Street Typology Workshop 2013
Fazenda Paranoazinho, A Vision
Fazenda Paranoazinho, A Vision
Fazenda Paranoazinho, A Vision
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COVID-19: The Recovery will Happen in Public Space
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