Hartford, CT (2000-2002)

Client: Farmington Avenue Joint Committee

Farmington Avenue in Hartford is a unique, 1.6 mile major arterial which connects downtown and West Hartford. The heaviest used transit line in the state, Farmington Avenue cuts through a remarkable series of districts which include the corporate headquarters for Aetna, the Mark Twain House, restored housing, as well as two struggling commercial districts. Working in collaboration with the Farmington Avenue Joint Committee, a coalition of community groups, PPS, with Urbitran and Abeles Phillips Preiss and Shapiro, undertook an extensive analysis and community visioning process for a “new” Farmington Avenue that would be pedestrian friendly and help revitalize its surrounding neighborhoods.

The plan includes a redesign for the street as a boulevard which reduces the street from four lanes to three with a new central median and turn lanes. Three modern roundabouts and new streetscape features, along with side access roads in retail areas, were also proposed. In addition, changes were suggested for zoning to achieve this new vision of the street along with opportunities for new retail and businesses to revitalize the two business district. The Farmington Avenue Joint Committee is establishing itself as a non-profit corporation to implement the plan.

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