Lincoln, Nebraska (2005 – 2006)

Client: Nebco, Inc.

An aerial view of the existing site.

Fallbrook Village is a new New Urbanist community of about 5,000 residents. Project for Public Spaces is working with local developer Nebco, Inc., to develop a new village center for this community based on New Urbanist principles. Nebco brought PPS into the project to help integrate the proposed village center into the existing residential area, and to create a concept plan for the new development. The plan includes creating a mixed-use village center with a grocery store as the retail anchor, with offices, housing, and other neighborhood shops nearby, including restaurants and a pharmacy. A village green will be the center of the development, and the focal point of the community. PPS helped
develop the roadway network, the configuration of uses, and the entire master
plan for the village center.

PPS conducted a Placemaking workshop in February, 2005, with 80 residents (who have been living in Fallbrook Village for a few years without the village center), design professionals, potential retailers, and existing businesses. Workshop participants brainstormed appropriate uses for the village center and the green, as well as circulation patterns and layout of the center. The group examined the relationship of uses, connections to the residential neighborhood and surrounding area, and the role of the village green and other open spaces. They also looked at how to make the new development a walkable, village-scale place with a strong sense of community.

The original plan for the village center was not to put it in the center at all, but to build a shopping plaza on an outer edge of the development. As a result of the community workshops and PPS’s recommendations, the town center will be integrated into the center of the village.

The concept diagram for the new Village Green.

PPS returned to Fallbrook Village in December, 2005 to conduct a second Placemaking workshop that focused on of the Village Green. Participants explored the essential elements and qualities of great community places, the importance of creating activities and destinations, and worked together to develop a preliminary vision plan for the new Village Green. The vision calls for creating an active lively community gathering place, with unique destinations, such as a flexible performance area, fire pit, farmers’ market, and a picnic/play area.

PPS will be reviewing the final design of the Village Green, and will work with the project architect and developer to ensure that the final design is one that supports the community’s vision.

Fallbrook Village Master Plan was last modified: March 6th, 2012 by Project for Public Spaces