Cleveland, Ohio (2006-2007)

Client: Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit Authority (GCRTA)

Workshop participants play the Place Game, evaluating the existing site.

In a collaborative effort, PPS assisted the Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit Authority (GCRTA) in moving towards realization of its first transit-oriented development initiative. PPS and the project team conducted a Master Planning Study for the E. 120th Street and Euclid Avenue Red Line Rapid Transit Station and presented its results in a land use/station area plan. This plan supported and complemented other master planning and redevelopment projects being undertaken by several institutions in the University Circle neighborhood, as well as integrated the new station into the planned Euclid Avenue BRT corridor.

Following a PPS-led stakeholder workshop, a comprehensive plan was generated for a new, relocated station facility that will be incorporated into a future mixed use development within the study area, in addition to potential locations for the station’s rebuild. The plan identified the location and layout of a series of new public spaces, amenities and programming ideas to foster community interaction. It also outlined ways of enhancing the streetscape, pedestrian experience and transit usability. Emphasis was placed on development alternatives that maximized land use development and transit oriented development opportunities of surrounding land uses.

In addition, the plan identified specific sustainable project design opportunities, including station, platform and bridge building elements, use of eco-sensitive construction materials, water management and efficiency, and indoor environmental quality. The plan also outlined a community-based vision for a public art program in and around the station.

This plan details proposals for how to transform the space.

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