St. Louis, Missouri (1997)

Client: Bi-State Development Agency

Working with a local team of architects, planners, and real estate specialists, PPS studied the current usage and potential of Delmar Station, which opened in 1993 as part of a new light rail system.

PPS surveyed riders and analyzed the many pedestrian conflicts around Delmar Station, which is also a major bus transfer center. Recommendations were made for creating a transit plaza with small retail kiosk, improving pedestrian crossing, and reducing vehicle impacts in the area. Working with the Washington University Urban Research and Design Center, PPS also prepared a bicycle access plan for the station.

The district around the station, once a transitional area of industrial and commercial uses and auto-oriented services, is now emerging as a hub of activity, which can help revitalize the surrounding neighborhoods. New developments at and around the station since the plan was completed include a public art installation located along a walkway that connects Delmar Blvd and the Metro park-ride lot that glows at night; a thriving theater; a bowling alley/martini bar; and a city sponsored sidewalk widening project. The Regional Arts Commission opened their new offices and Cultural Center on Delmar Boulevard in 2003, several new restaurants have opened, and former delinquent spaces have been converted to retail and restaurants.

Delmar Metrolink Station Area Plan was last modified: March 6th, 2012 by Project for Public Spaces