Colma, San Mateo County, CA (2001-2004)

Client: San Mateo County Economic Development Association (Samceda)-Peninsula Policy Partnership (P3); San Mateo County Transit District; The County of San Mateo

The area around a recently completed BART station was the focus of this study. PPS developed a plan for creating a “new” downtown along six blocks of Mission Street (El Camino Real) flanking the BART station entryway, to serve new and existing residents and to create a shopping district within the town’s borders. This has included redesigning Mission Street, in partnership with Caltrans, to include a center median treatment that alternates with a scheme for back-in angled parking for the blocks immediately adjacent to the BART station, improving sidewalks, crosswalks, identifying opportunities for community events and for greater retail presence by existing merchants, and locations for new infill development in under-utilized or vacated properties along Mission Street.

This effort also lead to an unprecedented collaboration among the Town of Colma, the County and the City of Daly City, under whose sphere of influence the BART station falls. The town of Colma submitted a successful TLC grant, naming Daly City and the County as partners, to research the costs and feasibility for implementing PPS’s recommendations.

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