PPS is honoring the world’s best places, and we want your nominations. Do you have a place in your community you think deserves notice? Have you just returned from a trip, impressed by the public spaces of a faraway city? We want to know about it. We’re not just giving out awards, we’re sparking a conversation on what makes a Great Public Space.

You can use this form to submit a new place or to give us more information on a place that we’ve already profiled.

Images are a crucial part of the website! They are the most useful way to depict the character and use of a place. Please be prepared to submit images you’ve taken below, or to recommend a source for images. Look at existing submissions for inspiration.

Our writers will do the final draft, but we need your help with research. Bullet points and paragraphs are both great, and the more information you can give us the better.

Our team will review all of the nominations. If we have enough images and information and the place is “Great,” we’ll publish your submission.

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  • Tell us about features, size, layout, etc. and/or what makes it special. This is also the place to let us know about any history of the place that you believe is important to its current success.

  • Why it Works

    Not all places have all of the qualities below, but tell us how your place measures up. Please give us two-three sentences or bullets for each category.
  • How does this place connect with its surroundings? Do people nearby use the space? How do people circulate in it and find its features? Is it accessible on foot, by transit or other non-auto transportation? Is it accessible visually? What are the sidewalks, roads and paths like?
  • Does the place make a good first impression? Is there a choice in seating, and is it convenient? What about cleanliness and litter? Is there regular maintenance? Does the area feel safe? Is there a security presence? Do vehicles dominate the space?
  • Do people regularly use the space? What is the range of activities? Do users vary in terms of age, gender, and individuals vs. groups? Are there choices? Which parts of the space are used - or not?
  • Describe the social tenor of the place. What is the mood of the people? How do they behave toward one another? Do they tend to use the place in groups or singly? Is there an element of local pride here? Is it seen as a meeting place? What's the ratio of locals to visitors/tourists?

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