Since 1987, PPS has led the effort to revitalize existing markets and develop new ones, from laying the groundwork for the regeneration of Detroit’s historic Eastern Market to helping plan and open the NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids, IA as a new community gathering place.

Our Public Market Services

If your market is ready to grow, or you are looking to develop a new public market, the PPS Market Team provides expert guidance to accelerate your planning efforts and devise the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions. Based on our extensive experience, PPS offers a wide range of custom services that go well beyond just visionary planning to build our clients’ capacity for sustained, real-world success.

Vision and Feasibility Assessment

PPS works with communities to help develop a clear vision for its public market – existing or new- and identify achievable goals. We test and refine your vision through a rigorous feasibility assessment analyzing consumer demand and assessing the capacity of existing and new vendors to meet this demand.

Example projects: Boston Public Market

Market Placemaking

PPS’s unique Placemaking experience provides an opportunity for a community to envision its market “place,” whether it is selecting a new site, expanding a new one, or growing to become the centerpiece of a market district. We translate the community’s vision into specific recommendations for market layout that starts with the public spaces, while assuring the market design meets its unique operational and technical needs.

Example projects: NewBo City Market

Market Business Plans

PPS develops specific recommendations for tenant mix and leasing; layout and design, management and governance structure; and financing -- making sure the market is on firm economic ground. We also prepare detailed, multi-year operating proformas and financing plans.

Example projects: Eastern Market

Specialized Design Advisory Services

PPS prepares detailed designs, collaborates with local project architects (who often lack market design experience), and performs official design reviews for sponsors – all to assure that the market is attractive for customers, functional for vendors and creates a unique gathering place in the community.

Example projects: Flint Farmers Market

Troubleshooting & Interim Market Management

Public markets often present numerous unforeseen challenges and can experience economic, political and internal stress. PPS provides clients with on-going management guidance, training, and technical assistance as needs emerge. For markets undergoing especially challenging transitions, we can serve as an interim market manager to mentor new market management.

Example projects: Halifax Seaport Farmers Market

Customized Training Workshops

PPS’s public market training and visioning workshops are designed for market managers, sponsors, customers and vendors as well as their diverse community partners. Workshops are tailored to the specific needs of a local community and are based on our successful “How to Create Successful Markets” training course.

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