2018: A Year of Transformation and Growth

Placemaking Roundup: Nordic News, How-to Guides, and World Cup Couches...

Jul 27, 2014
Dec 14, 2017


Taking "outdoor living room" literally, World cup viewers in Berlin relax in a sofa-filled stadium. | Photo by Reuters, Thomas Peter

Recently in the world of Placemaking, Nordic countries attracted some attention with their announcement of some major car-free changes. Copenhagen unveiled its brand new “Cycle Snake” (Cykelslangen) Bridge and toyed with the idea of building a separate elevated bicycle path over the Øresund bridge that connects Denmark to Sweden. However, Helsinki may try to take the cake with its ambitious plan to make car-ownership obsolete in 10 years.

For those looking to change less-than-ideal cities, a handy how-to guide was published which includes some of the work we did to change New York City. Maybe this can help guide the public space development in what will be ten largest cities in 2030? (Hint: they’ll be in Asia and Africa!) But all around the world public spaces were well-loved and important places during the recent World Cup game - including a stadium sized living room in Berlin!

This was also a busy week for Placemaking workshops here at PPS. Several projects are starting to take shape and PPS staffers are heading out to communities to gather their input on future public space projects:

  • Nidhi and Priti (and all of our interns!) led a week-long series of workshops in Crystal City near Arlington where residents are suggesting - and then voting on - what improvements they’d like to see.
  • In Pittsburgh, the home of our upcoming Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place conference, Meg, Steve, and Matt led a Placemaking workshop for local leaders including training on how to conduct a Place Game in their public spaces.
  • Also ahead of this conference, David N. and David L. are getting transit riders’ input on how best to improve the bus stop experience in order to influence temporary activations and workshops in September.

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2018: A Year of Transformation and Growth