Join us at the Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place Conference, the premier active transportation conference.

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For over thirty years, the Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place conference earned the distinction as the most dynamic training and learning experience for folks interested in and advocating for more vibrant and livable communities.
This year the conference is scheduled for September 8-11, 2014, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA, and is is poised to be the best yet!

Conference Highlights

Our three day conference will feature over 1,000 participants from all over the world including planners, architects, public health professionals, real estate professionals, educators, advocates, and more than a few zealous nuts just like you!
Our call for proposals received an overwhelming response with over 300 successful entries! We are thrilled to share your research, success stories, and findings at this year’s conference. To get a better sense of what the program may look like check out the 2012 Pro Walk/Pro Bike/ Pro Place conference schedule here.

An Ideal Setting

Pittsburgh is continually lauded as one of the most livable cities in America, thanks to the city’s robust transportation system, walkability and bikeability. Pittsburgh provides us with the ideal Placemaking laboratory full of unique cultural destinations everyone can enjoy. Stroll along the bustling street markets that make up the ‘Strip District’; enjoy a cup of joe and the shade of an elm tree in Pittsburgh’s historic Market Square; or bike along Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Heritage Trail, situated on the edges of  Monongahela, the Allegheny, and the Ohio rivers and take in the stunning views of downtown!

Mobile Workshops

Mobile Workshops are an integral part of the Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place conference experience. They are an opportunity to explore the host city, to meet the people behind some of its success stories, and to get some fresh air and exercise. These are just some of the workshops you can look forward to during your time in Pittsburgh.

Street design informing accessibility
Street design informs social accessibility; join Gabe McMorland to evaluate the future of Pittsburgh’s ADA infrastructure.
Navigate downtown Pittsburgh by Kayak!
Join us on a thrilling kayak tour of Pittsburgh’s downtown.
Scale Pittsburgh’s steepest terrains!
Join us on a mobile trekking workshop that will let you scale the slopes of one of the highest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.
Bus Stop Placemaking
Bus stops can enable placemaking, learn how at this exciting mobile workshop!
Shoot film like a pro with Streetfilms University!
Learn from the pros, shoot a streetfilm with Clarence Eckerson Jr.
Turning a Square Around: A mobile workshop on Market Square’s transformation
Join Fred Kent to learn how PGH’s Market Square evolved into one of the most vibrant and dynamic public spaces in the U.S.!
Trail Town, Pittsburgh: A Work in Progress
Tour Pittsburgh’s historic South Side and discover a unique cycling network; keep going and you may reach DC!


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