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Toth Arpad Setany



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January 8, 2002
December 14, 2017

Residential street at the top of one of Budapest's best-known destinations, the area known as the Castle District - but it's far from a tourist trap.

What makes it Great?

Why it doesn't work?

This promenade acts as a gathering place for locals and visitors who appreciate the beautiful architecture, trees, benches, fountains, and an incredible vista. The street is a whole greater than the sum of its parts - but its parts are impressive: the architecture is historic and harmonious; mature trees make a shady canopy; a wide walkway follows along a spectacular view; benches line the street, well-placed to allow a choice or shade or sun, and an appreciation of the view.

Access & Linkages

At one end of the street is Budapest's palace, which is a major destination for visitors. Go up any side street and there is a quiet restaurant, cafe, or shop.

Comfort & Image

In addition to the trees, historic character and amenities, this street is beautifully maintained and embellished with additional details such as historic lamp posts and a fountain.

Uses & Activities

The street is a favorite place to walk or jog on a sunny day to enjoy a breath-taking view over the hills behind Budapest.


Relatively few people walk alone, rather they go here with a friend, as a couple, or with the dog.

How Light?

How Quick?

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History & Background

The Castle District of Budapest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The neighborhood has been evolving since medieval times, and has also been partially destroyed numerous times, most recently during World War II.

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