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August 13, 2015
December 22, 2017

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Created by designers at İyiofis, in Izmir, Turkey, with help from the İzmir University of Economics, a project called Think Micro is lining the city’s waterfront with small floating parks that show the potential of local, small-scale public space improvements. Izmir’s coastline, defined by its monotonous, flat open spaces, offers little variety, while Think Micro’s docks act as modular, multi-functional spaces that address the various needs of users. A long pier serves fishermen, for example, while another single dock provides an intimate seaside meeting spot. These structures--lightweight, easy to assemble, and cheap to construct--allow citizens to interact with their waterfront in new and ever-evolving ways.

Originally tested in the summer of 2014 near a school, Think Micro soon became a popular destination for both children and adults. The docks went on to the 2014 Istanbul Design Biennial and participated in the 2014 World Cities Challenge, organized by UN-Habitat and The Guardian, where the project won second place. The intervention shows how LQC strategies can help uproot long-standing traditions of large-scale, capital-intensive urban development.

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Think Micro
Think Micro has become a popular spot
Think Micro
The montneous shoreline without Think Micro
Think Micro
This rendering shows Think Micro's potential to be expanded
Think Micro
Think Micro
Docks are easily assembeled and dissembled
Think Micro
A perfect spot to relax
Think Micro
Think Micro
A new place for socializing

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