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The Loop

University City



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Mary Wittry
Project for Public Spaces
December 6, 2004
December 14, 2017

A six block arts and entertainment district in Downtown University City.

What makes it Great?

Why it doesn't work?

This vibrant neighborhood has interesting shops and the restored Tivoli Theater. Has a life and energy that's not easy to find. The area around it is full of apartments and condos. There is a nice mix of retirees and students, artists and professionals, blacks and white and mixed.

Access & Linkages

People generally walk around the neighborhood. There is bus service, and the Metrolink train station is only a few blocks away. Some days there are lots of bikers. It's also accessible by car, the most accessible spots are to the north of the Loop.

Comfort & Image

The neighborhood is generally clean. It is centrally located in the St. Louis area. Again, it normally has a balanced mix of people. I find it comfortable and interesting, but some people are unsure about its safety. I think it's VERY safe.

Uses & Activities

The area is always in use. There are two small parks near the Loop. There are lots of restaurants, including the Melting Pot. There are international stores, a Starbucks, a library, a couple of art galleries, a farmer's market, some restaurants with evening musical acts, and 4-5 churches. There are 3 arts school (including music, performing arts and fine arts). The Pageant and a bowling alley are nearby (actually on the St. Louis City side of Skinker).


There's a mix of individuals and groups. I find groups to be respectful of others. This is a source of pride for University City and the St. Louis area. It's a unique area, and tourists are directed here all the time. Not sure of the ratio of tourists to locals. I often see friends of mine there, but it's also certainly a place where I would direct tourists.

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History & Background

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The Loop
The Pageant, a concert hall and nightclub, is part of the revitalization of the Loop. Image © Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
The Loop
The Loop
The Loop
The Loop
The Loop
The Loop
The Loop

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