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October 5, 2015
December 22, 2017

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In Southwest Detroit, a youth artist collective called Young Nation, along with The Detroit Collaborative Design Center, spearheaded a project to transform derelict alleyways into beautiful social spaces. Together they transformed two vacant lots and a detached garage in their neighborhood into a vibrant public place. Today, the garage doors are canvases for art work, the abandoned lots serve as gathering spaces for kids to play after school, and the garage itself is a clubhouse/studio space for youth. At this new hub, the group also hosted the inaugural Detroit Design Festival’s art battle, and the project has since been expanded to include a variety of street art initiatives.

Despite having limited resources and minimal investment, the Alley Project succeeded in building community engagement, strengthening a sense of ownership pride in the area, and bringing life to a previously overlooked space. 

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Website: youngnation.us

Facebook: facebook.com/tapgallery

Twitter: @youngnationdet

The Alley Project
Young people are the main players in the process
The Alley Project
The Alley Project
Painting together builds bonds
The Alley Project
Leaving a mark on her neighborhood
The Alley Project
Everyone is invited to participate
The Alley Project
Using artwork to isnpire Placemaking
The Alley Project
The Alley Project

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