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Raahgiri Day

New Delhi


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Project for Public Spaces
October 12, 2015
December 22, 2017

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Raahgiri Day in Delhi, India (and recently in several other cities) converts the city’s central ring roads into pedestrianized spaces for biking, skating, walking, running, dancing, yoga and other activities every Sunday morning. Modeled after Colombia’s Cyclovia, Raahgiri Day turns the roadway into an outdoor theater, where visitors enjoy relaxing and people watching. Physical stages on the corridor host zumba and dance lessons while impromptu aerobics classes spring up in-between. Meanwhile, organizers program the days with a full schedule of music, rickshaw rides, races, and a wide variety of games for people of all ages. The event regularly attracts over 10,000 people, providing a fun social experience in the city’s streets while showing the appeal of pedestrianized space. Together, Raahgiri’s activities foster a sense of inclusiveness and  participation along normally foreboding roadways. Since its initial success in Delhi’s satellite town of Gurgaon, Raahgiri Day organizers have expanded this model to other communities in India. With the support of numerous public, private, and community organizations, the event shows the unifying power of Streets as Places.

Learn more about Raahgiri Day here.

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Raahgiri Day
Having fun at Raahgiri Day
Raahgiri Day
Dancing in the streets!
Raahgiri Day
A drum circle brings a crowd
Raahgiri Day
Raahgiri Day allows people to reclaim their streets
Raahgiri Day
And rollerblading!
Raahgiri Day
Roads are filled with activities such as group yoga
Raahgiri Day
Raahgiri Day

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