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December 7, 2015
December 22, 2017

What makes it Great?

Why it doesn't work?

In the summer of 2012, Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative organized a week long LQC experiment, Pop-up Rockwell, that experimented with Cleveland’s Complete and Green Street Ordinance to spark a public conversation around developing safer, more sustainable streets accommodating of users of all ages, abilities, and modes of transportation. Pop-Up Rockwell temporarily transformed Rockwell Avenue, a wide and underutilized city street, through amenities like Cleveland’s first painted bike lanes, stormwater biofiltration benches, transit waiting areas, WiFi access, and wind-powered public art. The week-long installation began with a public event that featured programming such as music, food vendors, and even temporary green space for relaxing, aimed at attracting the public and capturing feedback about the installation.

Pop-up Rockwell gave both city officials and the public an opportunity to experience Rockwell Avenue’s potential in tangible ways. In a low risk setting, the installation served as a test for changes that worked in the space and those that didn’t. The flexibility of these interventions allowed stakeholders to reshape the street’s final vision before any major financial or political commitments were made. Overall, the project helped to raise awareness about Cleveland’s Complete and Green Street initiative and brought the community into the design process in a way unique to pop-up events. 

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How Light?

Because Pop-Up Rockwell was intended to exist only for a week, the installation was designed using mostly low-cost materials available at a local home improvement store.

How Quick?

Kent State University graduate students designed the installation in a five-week studio at Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative and the installation itself lasted one week.

How Cheap?

The total project budget was $13,100.

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Photo credits, from left: CUDC via Flickr, CUDC via Flickr, CUDC via Flickr

Website: cudc.kent.edu

Facebook: facebook.com/ksuCUDC

Twitter: @ksucudc

Pop-Up Rockwell
Simple materials can make a big impact
Pop-Up Rockwell
Cleveland's first bike lane
Pop-Up Rockwell
Pop-Up Rockwell
Pop-Up Rockwell
Pop-Up Rockwell
Pop-Up Rockwell
Pop-Up Rockwell

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