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Miraflores District



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Alexander Ngai
Project for Public Spaces
December 2, 2004
December 14, 2017

A nice combination of natural setting, history and modern development in the South American Pacific coast.

What makes it Great?

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Miraflores, Peru, was settled in the pre-colonial period as a small fishing village. Later in the colonial period became a nice resort and agricultural area due to the presence of small streams from the Rimac delta. At present, it is a district of gardens and the busiest beaches of the city. Without a doubt, it is also the tourist and hotels district for its excellence. The neighborhood is modern, cheerful, colourful, and very pleasant to stroll about and enjoy the large commercial areas, parks and green spaces. It is an area of intense artistic and cultural activity which unfolds in the good theatres, cinemas and art galleries. It is also the site of the pre-Inca temple Hauca Pucllana. Visit its cafes, pubs and restaurants and take in the fresh air at its restored gardens which on Sundays, attracts hundreds of locals and tourists to the painting exhibitions and music events. The setting of the district cannot be better.

Access & Linkages

The heart of Miraflores is the end of old main trunk that connects to the old centre of Lima, and the nearby Express Avenue facilitates high speed connectivity. The pedestrian network is well organized and the central park creates great amenity for the surrounding areas.

Comfort & Image

Yes, it gives a good first impression, especially walking through its arboured boulevards and walking around its little streets. The population gender is balanced. The seating facilities are more common around the more public areas in the center of the district and amenity areas near the causeway along the sea. ItÍs very clean and well maintained. The area is relatively safe for the standards of Lima, even though vehicles may get noisy and crowded during peak hours the overall environment is still pedestrian friendly.

Uses & Activities

There is a mixture of activities with a strong commercial centre around the nice Central Park and a verity of picturesque residential areas around. There are many shopping areas and offices in the district centre, with a variety of activities during different hours of the day. The nightlife is especially attractive and brings another face to the area. The variety of ages is also interesting since it can suit different strata, from the young to the elderly. Group activities are encouraged for the generosity of the public realm while individual stroll is also pleasant. There is a great variety of choices.


People overall are very friendly and warm. The district is very special and it's proud to be a heroic spot in the resistance against the Chilean during the Pacific war. The area is a well recognized tourist spot for the facilities it provides and the good environment.

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