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December 9, 2014
December 14, 2017

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Because of the diversity of the area in which it is located, Dappermarkt caters to a vastly multicultural crowd with crafts, goods, and food from across the world—particularly appealing to local residents from Suriname, Turkey, Morocco, and Eastern Europe. There are also a variety of local shops and restaurants on the Market’s surrounding streets, and the area is well maintained and well managed—allowing visitors to shop in a clean, safe environment.

Due to the remarkable affordability and diversity of its products, Dappermarkt has been declared “Amsterdam’s true people’s market” by the prominent Dutch daily, Het Parool.  Bringing the community together with frequent cultural events and live music, the market also hosts annual celebrations such as Ladies Day (every March) and the Christmas Gala. The market is open six days a week, 52 weeks a year. It is centrally located and easily accessible by foot, car, bus, train, tram, or boat, and it is within walking distance of the Oosterpark, Tropenmuseum and Muiderpoort railway station.

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Opened in 1910 and one of the busiest markets in the Netherlands, Dappermarkt is located in a working class neighborhood in the Oost-Watergraafsmeer section of Amsterdam. With over 250 stalls and approximately 37,000 square feet of selling area, Dappermarkt is affectionately known as the “pearl of Amsterdam.” In 2007, National Geographic named the market “One of the best shopping streets in the world.”

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Website: http://www.dappermarkt.nl//

Twitter: @OpdeDappermarkt

Facebook: facebook.com/Dappermarkt


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