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Nate Storring

Co-Executive Director

Nate is passionate about engaging the public in urban design, policy, and planning through storytelling. As the Co-Executive Director at Project for Public Spaces, he leads and implements our organizational strategy. He also oversees our Placemaking Program, as well as our communications and development teams. 

In his previous role as Director of Communications, Nate led an organization-wide rebranding in 2020. Over the years, he has played a leading role in many Project for Public Spaces publications, including the second edition of How to Turn a Place Around, as well as online resources on inclusive placemaking, measuring qualitative data in public space, and balancing transportation and placemaking on main street. Nate has also contributed to several resources and reports on place-based approaches to inclusive economic development as part of Project for Public Spaces’ partnership with the Bass Center on Transformative Placemaking at the Brookings Institution. Nate regularly shares his knowledge and love of public space as a keynote speaker at conferences, trainings, and other events.

Prior to joining the team in 2015, Nate curated exhibitions and produced events with the Boston Society of Architects, the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, the Chicago Architecture Center, and Urbanspace Gallery in Toronto, Ontario. He is the co-editor of two books on participatory city building, Hyperlocal: Place Governance in a Fragmented World and Vital Little Plans: The Short Works of Jane Jacobs.

Outside of work, you’ll find Nate producing the Springfield Googolplex podcast about the movies parodied on The Simpsons or cycling around Lambertville, New Jersey, where he lives with his wife and two cats.

Favorite Public Space

"Every Saturday morning growing up, my parents and I did our weekly grocery run at the Kitchener Market, one of Canada's oldest operating farmers markets. Today, I still compare every public space to its liveliness, sensory richness, and community connections."