What: A vibrant shopping street with an effective traffic calming system, situated at the summit of Da Du Mountain and next to Dong Hai University.

Why it Works: Art Street in Taichung County is one of the most progressive areas for urban living in Taiwan. The street exemplifies urban planning focused on people-friendly living spaces. The narrow, one-way street with raised, cobbled intersections slows traffic enough to allow people to pleasantly walk along the street, encouraging a pedestrian friendly environment. The focus of the area is a small square, which at ground level is mostly occupied by coffee and gift shops and on the second level features art studios, galleries and small artisan workshops. On sunny days it is a popular meeting place for all the community, young and old. Children play in the square while adults sit on the steps and seats shaded by trees to chat. Local artists, musicians and dance groups often use the square for street performances. The local residents are proud of Art Street and encourage visitors from all around the city and the world.

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