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Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place 2014 Sessions Released

Apr 8, 2014
Dec 14, 2017

The early-bird registration is almost up as the weeks count down towards the 2014 Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place Conference this September in Pittsburgh! There's still a lot to do before the opening day, but we are happy to announce nine official sessions that have been fast-tracked for your perusal. If you haven't already taken a look at all the conference has to offer, visit the conference website to register and learn more! And don't forget: register before May 16th for special early bird rates.


Here are just a few of the sessions you can look forward to at this year's conference:

Taking Bike Share to the Next Level | Jacob Mason of the Institute for Transportation Development and Policy

Bike sharing systems have attracted more people to cycling in cities around the world than any other facility or policy, with 600 new systems implemented in the last 7 years. This session will highlight what works, what doesn't, and where to go next with public bike share systems. Bonus field exercise: top 5 bike share stunts you can use to impress your friends.

Vision Zero: Getting Serious about Safety | Seleta Reynolds of San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Traffic accidents that cause pedestrian, cyclist and motorist deaths should end. It seems obvious to say but only a few cities have adopted the goal. Learn how SF and NYC are pursuing zero fatalities in an inspiring approach that combines innovative safety research and analysis methods, multi-agency partnerships with some unusual suspects, and development of comprehensive roadmaps to significantly reduce severe crashes.

State of the Lane:  Protected Bike Lanes in the U.S. | Martha Roskowski of People for Bikes

Protected bike lanes have moved from foreign concept to best practice in U.S. street design with remarkable speed. Pittsburgh and our conference are going green for 2014, as Pittsburgh is a focus city for the Green Lane Project. Leaders of the Green Lane Project and  partners will cover the latest on designs, new research, best practices,  trends and the best lessons from study tours.

separated cycle track
Pittsburgh was recently chosen for the next round of the Green Lane Project!

From Waiting to Placemaking: Rethinking the Suburban Bus Stop | Lynn Manion of Airport Corridor Transportation Association

As places, with captive audiences and a typically low bar for creative design, bus stops have untapped potential to become better places in our communities. This session focuses on an innovative partnership between the Airport Corridor Transportation Association and Ikea in Pittsburgh to turn a bus stop in a busy retail center into a  dynamic and multi-use place for people.

On the Path to a Stronger Movement: Bike/Ped Equity from the Ground Up | Sarah Panken of Michigan Fitness Foundation

Too often vulnerable populations feel like walking and bicycling initiatives are imposed on them, in part because they are not included in discussion. This session will focus on meaningful ways to engage diverse populations, integrate equity into transportation decision making, while providing a safe place to ask what may seem like uncomfortable questions.

Streetfilms University | Clarence Eckerson of Streetfilms

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about an amazing video? Join the Director of Streetfilms for a how-to session on making effective videos to promote walking, bicycling, and street transformation, including behind-the-scenes tips and the right info that will help you avoid the mistakes we made along the way. Our most popular presenter from 2012 returns, and will include a Placemaking study of Market Square with Fred Kent on day two.

Clarence Eckerson
Clarence is back! What more do we have to say?

People Power - Transforming the Iron Triangle Together | Josh Meyer of Local Government Commission

What happens when you bring together the country's top walkability experts, design engineers and leaders from one of the most economically disadvantaged communities in the Bay Area? This session will present inspiring stories of transforming a crime-ridden neighborhood in Richmond, CA into an inviting, safe and flourishing place for families and neighbors, including strategies for direct community participation and short-term experimentation.

Pro Pop-Up/Pro Pilot | Sam Rockwell of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

Pop-ups and short term pilots can transform how people view streets and public spaces, leading to more significant, longer term change. This session will present innovative examples and a how-to, including a hands-on workshop in which participants design their own pop-up/pilot initiatives to promote walking, bicycling, and placemaking.

You Have a Complete Streets Policy. Now What? | Michael King of Nelson\Nygaard

Hundreds of communities have adopted Complete Streets policies to ensure their streets consider the needs of all users. You've passed your Complete Streets policy, there was much rejoicing, and now everyone's got a hangover. Let Michael King and guests jolt you from your stupor and point you in the right direction (once the room stops spinning).

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COVID-19: The Recovery will Happen in Public Space