Placemaking Leadership Council 2014: A Meeting of the Minds in Pittsburgh

Jul 22, 2014
Dec 14, 2017
place game in pittsburgh
PPS was in Pittsburgh yesterday building momentum for the September PLC meeting with local Placemakers | Photo by Twitter user @DesignAllies

The Placemaking Leadership Council now numbers over 600 strong! And if you’re zealous about Placemaking – you could be a member, too. In 2013 after it was formed, the inaugural meeting in Detroit showed the amazing potential of a small group of people taking action to make better cities through Placemaking principles. Now twice the size, the possibilities are endless, and we’re excited to discuss this year’s theme “Placemaking: Building a Campaign” with each and every one of you.

We hope all of you will join us in Pittsburgh for the meeting on September 8th and 9th—less than 8 weeks away—and here are five reasons why:

Help Build a Placemaking Campaign

We couldn’t be more excited about the program that’s shaping up! The goal of this meeting will be “Building a Campaign” around Placemaking, and we think the program will enable the campaign to really take off. Organizations including AARPNational Association of RealtorsKaiser Permanente, the National Main Streets Center, and Southwest Airlines, will be discussing how we can create more champions for Placemaking, and what messages and outcomes are most compelling for the movement.

Network and Learn from your Fellow Placemakers

Back, too, by popular demand will be the Placemaking Roundup, where members will give brief talks on a Placemaking idea or accomplishment that is ripe for scaling up at the national or global level (speakers will be selected from the registered participants—please update us if you’ve been up to something new you think would be great to feature!).

Make a difference in your community

PLC members have been busy!  Thanks to all who responded to our recent online survey which provided some valuable insight into the incredible progress Council members have been making in their communities over the last year. Respondents gave an impressive and diverse list of accomplishments, that included examples of pushing through local policy changes to enable Placemaking (permitting parklets, street closures, and vending), taking LQC action (putting out chairs on public lawns and sidewalks, curb bumpouts, wayfinding, programming), incorporating the Placemaking process into their organization’s operations (e.g. grant funding), and teaching or writing about Placemaking - all based on the experience that the Placemaking Leadership Council provided.

Dig into Key Agendas for Change

Among the most critical elements of the meeting will be the Monday afternoon breakout sessions, which provide attendees ample time for networking and problem solving around the issues most important to their work. The topics include many of the agendas from the Detroit meeting, but have evolved with the progress we’ve made over the last year. Come and help us shape the movement’s action on:

  • Place Governance & Local Policy Change to Support Placemaking
  • Low-Income Communities and Social Equity
  • Creative Placemaking: Linking the Arts to Placemaking
  • Multi-Use Destinations, Developers, and Public Markets: Developing New Places and Supporting Local Economies
  • Building Communities through Transportation and
  • Healthy and Active Communities
  • Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper as a Tool to Advance Placemaking
  • Architecture of Place – Training a New Generation of Placemaking and Reforming Education

Attend Pro-Walk/Pro-Bike/Pro-Place 2014 at a discount

Don’t forget—PLC members qualify for a deeply discounted rate to stay for Pro-Walk/Pro-Bike/Pro-Place 2014. We expect 1000 bike and pedestrian advocates with more than 100 sessions and speakers over three days. Learn more here, but be sure to use the PLC registration portal to receive the special combination pricing.


We also recently asked members to tell us what “Placemaking is…” in a nutshell (or rather, a tweet). Here are a few examples, but we need your definition too!

“…a dynamic process that creates opportunities for people to connect, create, enjoy and play!” (Mary Lou Carolan, USA)

“…the co-creation of places that people want to gift to future generations as a legacy” (Malcolm Sinclair Allan, UK)

“…a community-centered approach to enliven, activate or reimagine a #publicspace.” (Ann Berchtold, USA)

Add yours here! We’ll tweet out some highlights over the next few weeks while we gear up for the conference. Hope to see you there!

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