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Kellogg Foundation Research: "Public Markets and Community-based Food Systems"

Dec 31, 2007
Dec 14, 2017

Making Markets Work in Lower-Income Neighborhoods

Nationwide (2002-2008)

Client: Kellogg Foundation

In 2003, PPS conducted research on public markets and local food systems for the Kellogg Foundation. Our research began with a survey of 14 markets established or sponsored by local food system advocates. From this list, three were selected for detailed case study research, which included market visits, customer and vendor surveys, and interviews with market managers and sponsors. We found that community-based food systems advocates can successfully utilize markets as the centerpiece of the food system, with the market driving customer demand and catalyzing local production. The report, Public Markets and Community-Based Food Systems, distilled the reasons behind this success and summarized the results of research conducted to determine how markets undertaken by local food systems advocates can more effectively participate as a part of community-based food systems and address food security in lower-income communities, as well as attain long-term success and sustainability.

More on the Kellogg Foundation research

Download the final report to the Kellogg Foundation on the role farmers markets play in supporting local food systems and addressing food security. Case studies include markets accross the country.

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COVID-19: The Recovery will Happen in Public Space