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Great Public Markets: A Crowdsourced Global Tour

Jul 24, 2012
Dec 14, 2017

Last week, we published a new feature article on Market Cities. The resulting discussion online produced a long list of Placemakers' favorite public markets and market districts across five continents. We've rounded up photos from a selection of these favorites to create a colorful tour of a dozen bustling, beloved market districts around the world. The differences between these markets can be striking, but all of them share a key similarity. Whether floating on a canal in Indonesia or housed in a grand brick building in the American Midwest, markets are all about the unique power of food to bring people together.

@bryanespey says Kansas City’s City Market “is the best in KC and perhaps the Midwest.”
@laurazabel is a fan of the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, where an international theme calls for colorful booths.
@plannerthon says Detroit's Eastern Market, where vendors are shown here getting ready for the day, "is the best I've ever seen."
@misterviet suggests that a visit to Cincinnati's Findlay Market is well worth your time.
Says @mgarciago of Santiago, Chile's central market district: "La Vega es mejor!"
@rachelnahiara thinks that San Juan, Puerto Rico's Santurce is an exemplary market district.
Both @Duncan_Whitcomb & @dispositif are emphatic fans of the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market in Nova Scotia.
Tweets @SimonMagus: "Bury [UK] has perhaps the best covered market anywhere."Type image caption here (optional)
@lyparadis has several favorites in London, including Broadway Market, Spitalfields Market, and the Columbia Flower Market (pictured here).
@crlazaro "was blown away by the Torvehallerne Market in Copenhagen." (We're guessing that he enjoyed it more than the shark at this fishmonger's booth.)
@ridwankamil is a fan of Banjarmasin, Indonesia's floating market.
@kateolivieri loves the rural Market Towns of Australia's Northern Rivers area: Lismore, Byron Bay, Bangalow, & The Channon, shown here.


Image Sources: Kansas City, Minneapolis, Detroit, Cincinnati, Santiago, San Juan, Halifax, Bury, London/Covent, London/Columbia, Copenhagen, Benjarmasin, Adelaide, The Channon

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COVID-19: The Recovery will Happen in Public Space