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Great Holiday Markets From Around the World

Dec 22, 2010
Jan 2, 2018

Although winter is in full effect and temperatures are dropping, that's no excuse to stay inside until spring arrives.  Holiday markets are an ideal way to bring people together despite the cold.  With Christmas and New Year's right around the corner, PPS would like to highlight some of the markets that have captivated us during winters past.

PPS Vice President Phil Myrick and Senior Vice President Steve Davies are both big fans of Vienna's Rathaus Christmas market because it's a destination that attracts people and encourages solidarity among the Viennese, regardless of the inclement weather.  Steve is particularly fond of the hot mulled wine offered at a number of kiosks, keeping patrons in good spirits despite freezing temperatures.

The Rathaus market attracts Viennese to the city center, even in the dead of winter.

Other PPS employees enjoy New York City's Union Square Holiday Market, which is located just up the street from our offices.  Vendors from around the Northeast US sell artisanal items and seasonal beverages and food.  Union Square is one of the most popular meet-up spots for New Yorkers, and even in winter it is still a great place to congregate.

NYC's Union Square Holiday Market is a huge draw for an already bustling plaza.

Edinburgh, Scotland's Winter Festival is one of the more ambitious outdoor holiday markets.  Combining a marketplace with a carnival, visitors can enjoy a number of activities that aren't usually associated with wintertime, such as a carousel and merry-go-round.

Edinburgh's Winter Festival combines typical wintertime attractions with those you might find at a summer fair.

These examples show that there is no one way to curate a great winter market -- what does your local holiday market offer that makes it unique?

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COVID-19: The Recovery will Happen in Public Space