Building a Placemaking movement necessitates active exchanges that transcend disciplines. PPS conferences are forums for precisely that type of exchange.

Upcoming Conferences:

Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place 2016 
Vancouver, British Columbia September 12th-15th, 2016

Recent Conferences:

Third Future of Places Conference
Stockholm, Sweden June 29 – July 1, 2015

9th International Public Markets Conference
Barcelona, Spain on March 25-28, 2015

Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place 2014
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania September 8th-11th, 2014

Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2012: Pro Place
Long Beach, California on Monday, September 10 – Thursday, September 13, 2012

8th International Public Markets Conference
Cleveland, Ohio on Friday, September 21 – Sunday, September 23 2012

Older Conferences:

Waterfront Synopsis Conference

Stavanger, Norway – September 2010 – “Waterfront Synopsis” focused on the topic of Placemaking and Sustainability, bringing the forces of environmentalism, climate change, and sustainability together with the ideas of community, livability, health and Placemaking.  Many people around the world are realizing the impacts of “Place” and “Placemaking” as a transformative agenda for creating change in cities.

The goal of the conference was for participants to learn about waterfront developments that create a sense of place, strategies to incorporate local entrepreneurs into projects, and how developers and city agencies can work together more effectively to implement a common vision. The intent was to provide practical ideas for people who want to “do” and not just “talk.”

For the full summary report from the Conference, click here.

International Public Market Conferences

1987 – First International Public Markets Conference – Seattle WA & Vancouver BC Canada.  Co-hosted  by the historic Pike Place Market and the then new Granville Island Public Market,  the theme was Public Markets “Tradition and Promise” and was the first conference to bring together market operators and larger public markets for dialogue and exchange.
1991 – Second International Public Markets Conference – New Orleans, LA. This conference was co-hosted by The French Market which was celebrating its 200th anniversary as a market space.
1996 – Third International Public Markets Conference – Philadelphia, PA. Co-hosted by the Reading Terminal Market and other markets in Philadelphia, the conference was held in a region still rich in historic public markets.
1999 – Fourth International Public Markets Conference – Seattle WA and Vancouver BC Canada. We returned to Seattle and Vancouver for this conference, which was actually held in the Pike Place Market. Themes of this conference included more focus on emerging open air farmers markets.
2002 – Fifth International Public Markets Conference – New York. Held after 9/11, this conference was co-hosted by Greenmarket in New York City and explored the city’s rich market traditions and emerging new markets. A focus of this conference, sponsored by the Ford Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, was the role of markets in fostering upward mobility and social integration, and how markets can serve low income communities more effectively.

 April 2009 – San Francisco, CA – PPS hosted the Seventh International Public Market Conference in San Francisco, CA in April 2009. First class speakers from the Bay Area, the US, and around the world were on hand to deliver lectures, workshops, and breakout sessions, share wisdom gained from their years dedicated to the movement, and encourage participants to creatively respond to today’s and tomorrow’s emerging challenges. For more information, click here.

October 2005 – Washington DC –  “Great Markets/Great Cities” was held from October 28-31, 2005 in Washington DC. Over 250 people participated in the three day event, which brought together community advocates, accomplished market managers and visionary leaders in a unique opportunity to explore the changing forces that are shaping the face of public markets – now and in the future.

Great Parks/Great Cities (through The Urban Parks Institute)

New York City – July 2003 – The last “Great Parks, Great Cities” conference was held in New York City, in July, 2003. It was the eighth annual conference run by Project for Public Spaces. The conference brought together the most influential leaders from 100 cities in 12 countries to highlight the significance of parks and open spaces in urban revitalization — and to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Central Park.

London – 2004 – After many successful parks conferences in the U.S., Project for Public Spaces held the 2004 Great Parks/Great Cities conference in London with our partner GreenSpace, a British not-for-profit that helps those committed to the planning, design, management and use of public parks and open spaces. The conference gave civic leaders an up-close look at the unique situation in Britain, where the government is supporting a renaissance of parks and green spaces through a wide range of initiatives and programs.

GreenSpace’s experience and broad network of partners provided conference-goers with an insider’s view of London’s greatest parks and the exciting changes taking place throughout the city. The conference also provoked a lively dialogue between U.S. and international leaders: Americans picked up fresh ideas firsthand from an international community, and British, European, and other participants from across the globe learned about the unique variety of public/private partnerships that have evolved in the States.