PPS has worked with more than 2,400 diverse communities worldwide to develop a new approach to transportation planning that includes innovative behavior mapping and Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper solutions for transforming streets and public spaces.

Our Transportation Services

Training, Capacity-building, Seminars & Conferences

We work with communities to organize workshops, conferences, and other trainings to help you achieve your goals for great, livable streets and neighborhoods. Trainings typically range from one to three days, and include presentations by PPS experts, street audits or other diagnostic tools, community engagement sessions, and action planning for change.

Public-engagement Processes & Community-driven Visioning

Our pioneering community engagement approaches and exercises – including web-based tools - have been used by hundreds of government agencies and organizations. We work with you to design a meaningful process, which could include interviews with key stakeholders, community visioning workshops, digital engagement, and working sessions across diverse government agencies.

Design, Programming & Management for Livable Streets

Our focus on Placemaking ensures that streets are more than just a streetscape design, but instead that they are vibrant places with lots of activities where people want to spend time - which is important to fostering walking and bicycling. We help communities transform streets through conceptual plans, renderings that reveal what’s possible, programming ideas to activate the street, and good management strategies. Our expertise includes rightsizing streets and road diets, safe routes to schools, plazas, and streets designed to foster active transportation.

Network, Complete Streets, & Street Typology Plans

Transportation networks should help get people where they need to go, whether that’s by walking, bicycling, driving, or public transportation. Our approach starts with helping communities identify key destinations and places that need to be connected, and then developing multi-modal plans to facilitate those connections. We can help a community create street typologies defining and then specify how to achieve a vision and modal priorities for streets.

Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper Transportation Strategies

Our innovative Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper projects focus on low-cost, low-risk strategies to remake public places and streets. The changes could include new amenities, such as portable landscaping and public art, new configurations of the street using paint and bollards, and programming for events and activities. Our approach involves working to generate LQC ideas from the public and stakeholders, developing a conceptual plan, and then helping you implement the changes.

Placemaking at Transit Stops & Stations

Transit stops are great opportunities for Placemaking – whether it’s a bus transfer or a light rail station, they can serve as community centers that bring people together. Well-designed and placed transit stations can help boost ridership, increase retail sales at local shops, and add value to a community. We work with transit agencies and others to help run public engagement processes, develop conceptual plans to foster vibrant, people-focused stations, and implement programming that activates transit stops.

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