When you focus on place you do everything differently

Our Work

Placemaking Plans

A successful Placemaking program differs from traditional planning, in that it grows out of a place based, community driven, and research based process.

City-Wide Strategic Plans

PPS works with cities to launch a city or district-wide Placemaking campaign using tools such as the “Power of Ten” as the guiding framework.

Training, Conferences & Presentations

Support for long term cultural change builds upon public space action plans to create comprehensive and coordinated capacity building strategies.

Public Spaces

Great cities are defined by their destinations, which anchor economic activity and help define the unique qualities of their communities by supporting multiple uses, including lively squares, active parks, waterfronts, streets, markets, cultural districts and new developments.

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Public Markets

PPS’ Public Market program fosters the role of public markets in reconnecting local economies and communities and supports the pivotal role markets play in supporting public health and local food systems.

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The PPS approach is to plan streets for people and places. This approach improves street safety and mobility, reduces our dependence on fossil fuels, enhances sustainability, and makes local and regional communities more resilient.  

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What sets PPS apart is our place-based community-driven approach

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