Using our unique Placemaking approach, PPS offers technical assistance and a range of support services to communities building new squares and plazas or revitalizing existing ones.

Technical Assistance

  • We begin by achieving a clear understanding of how people use existing or new public spaces through a variety of methods, including detailed user analysis, targeted interviews, stakeholder meetings and public workshops.
  • We facilitate the creation of a common vision using a community-based workshop process to share views and generate ideas.
  • We translate the ideas generated in public forums into an intricate program of uses and activities. We use the program to create a concept plan reflecting the character and amenities that will create the destinations and support the activities envisioned by the community. The program must be carefully thought out to create compelling destinations — any great square or plaza has a variety of “places” within it that establish a human scale. These attractions can be anything — an outdoor cafe, an exhibit, a fountain, games, a playground, or an event. Attractions or destinations don’t need to be big to create a destination. In fact, some of the best squares and plazas have numerous small attractions that, when put together, draw people all through the day. Such places create sociability and bring together the distinct and diverse communities that use the square or plaza.
  • DESIGN: The program/concept then provides the basis of the design process, whether carried out by PPS or other consultants. Design development should fulfill and not lose sight of the vision for uses and destinations, as the hundreds of details that will make the destinations a reality are fleshed out.

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